Proper use of an IVR can avoid a bad rap from frustrated callers

Proper use of an IVR can avoid a bad rap from frustrated callers

A recent report by Forrester Consulting finds that more than 80% of consumers prefer phone support over email and other devices — but the majority of customers feels frustrated and burned when they get caught up in an interactive voice response (IVR) menu.

But the report fails to mention how IVR call center technology has benefited both producers and consumers. When used properly, IVR means quick customer self-service at any hour of the day – and access to information that would usually take a team of call center operators to provide.  At the same time, it’s a boon to companies that need to service a lot of customer needs simultaneously, especially smaller organizations with limited staff.

Proper use of an IVR system can also help to reinforce your brand. Michael Zirngibl with the Washington Business Journal says having an automatic voice answer your call doesn’t mean impersonal service, and can help a company’s public persona:

“IVR systems feature a wide range of personalities for virtual receptionists, ranging from young and hip to staid and serious, all geared to match your business type and tone – and to reflect your brand.

As always, the challenge remains how best to create user-friendly interfaces between the software and the consumer. Contact us for the latest information and tips on customer engagement software, customer experience metrics and IVR technology.