Customer Engagement Strategy: Consistent, Integrated, and Mobile

Customer Engagement Strategy: Consistent, Integrated, and Mobile

Do you have a smartphone?  So do your customers.  The latest numbers show 116.5 million smartphone users in the United States. That’s a 6% increase since May, and these numbers don’t include the introduction of the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S III.  We already know that the exploding smartphone market is changing how consumers shop.  It turns out that mobile users are also shifting their customer service expectations as well.  As America goes mobile, businesses need to have customer engagement strategies that can connect with mobile users.  Today’s customer engagement strategy must be consistent, integrated and mobile.

As more users go mobile, a higher percentage of contact center calls will be coming from mobile devices.  The latest predictions are that over half of inbound customer service calls in key countries will be coming from mobile devices.  30% of those contacts will be from smartphones.  Today’s users want to interact with their favorite brands in a variety of ways including social media, mobile apps, and in-store experiences.  The challenge for businesses is to deliver a consistent, integrated experience for consumers across all channels.

Today’s consumer may see an ad for a product while watching a movie on their tablets, eyeball the product in the store, compare prices on a mobile device, and finally complete the purchase from a desktop computer.  It is vital for consumers to access the same information about brands, products, service, and pricing across all platforms.  Brands that deliver inconsistent information to consumers produce frustration, confusion, and anger—all of which can lead to lower revenues, dropped sales, and reductions in customer loyalty.  Whether they contact customer support by phone, e-mail, social media, or mobile app, customers need to know they will receive the same information and same level of customer service.

USAN can help you connect with your customers across multiple channels with an integrated and consistent customer experience.  With USAN, your business can design and deploy new communication programs quickly while seamlessly integrating information across multiple systems, applications, and data stores.  Contact us to learn how USAN can make mobile communications part of your business’s customer engagement strategy.