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USAN Showcases Automated Call Care at ATA 2010

USAN Showcases Automated Call Care at ATA 2010

Providing painless access to patient and provider health information

NORCROSS, GA – MAY 3, 2010 – Long wait times, reliance on costly consultants to provide customer service, limited access by customers and providers to health information can now all be part of a health care providers past. With the focus on higher standards in the health care industry and the need for cost reductions, the providers have turned to more effective and consistent health care communication interactions. USAN will demonstrate their Automated Call Care systems solution to healthcare contact center decision makers in booth 1714 at the American Telemedicine Association 2010 in San Antonio, TX May 16 – 18. Automated Call Care provides a fast, easy and efficient way for callers to access the information they need through intelligent routing of calls and immediate access to their health records.

Disparate back office systems often make it difficult for health care providers to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information quickly. USAN’s Automated Call Care taps into all the back offices systems and USAN’s own intelligent databases can augment providers resources to provide accurate patient data and increase customer self-service to allow the health care organization to focus on critical and complex cases. Most patients can find the information they are searching through a highly intelligent, personalized IVR.

By including proactive patient and doctor handling in the overall communication strategy, organizations reduce operational costs all while improving the customer’s experience. USAN’s outbound system leaves messages with updates on claims, appointments, and outstanding questions or allows the patient or doctor to interact with the system to resolve anything, from anywhere.

“USAN understands the requirement of the healthcare organizations to find innovative ways to solve the issues at the forefront of their industry,” said Steve Walton, CEO of USAN. “We are delighted to have extended our Automated Call Care solutions to meet the needs of the healthcare organizations to improve their communication with their customer while reducing costs.”